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KÉSZ Metaltech is a member of the KÉSZ Csoport, which was founded more than four decades ago and is now a versatile group of companies on the domestic and international market with a broad portfolio, a focus on the construction industry, an innovative approach to sustainability. In 2020, KÉSZ Metaltech Ltd. itself was re-established from the Építészeti Termékgyártó Központ (Architectural Product Manufacturing Center), bringing with it more than 30 years of experience, and from 2023 it is continuing its activities as an umbrella brand with two strategic partners, KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Ltd. and Baumetall Design Ltd. The three companies will now jointly provide high quality services under the KÉSZ Metaltech brand to meet all customer needs in the fields of steel structures, building cladding and renewable energy-related architectural solutions along the entire value chain of design, manufacturing, product sales and construction.

The precision, creativity and passion of our engineers and fitters are embodied in iconic creations, but the journey to delivery is also built on solid foundations, because we can always build on our own resources! BIM methodology permeates every aspect of our business, our production planning is supported by artificial intelligence, we have a unique capacity in the region at our steel structure manufacturing centre in Kecskemét, and we are the exclusive fabricator and distributor of a number of world-class architectural cladding products.

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Our team has proven itself numerous times on the largest steel structures for building construction, where we have delivered on time and to the quality expected. We have extensive experience and know exactly how to carry out the whole process, from design to construction and installation. We also know the facade cladding process from design to installation. Products sold or manufactured by us, our own experienced team and our own machines - these all guarantee the optimum solution for our customers. In addition, our CNC machining centre allows us to machine panels independently of materials, even for extremely large surfaces.

KÉSZ MetalTech

First impression is also important in case of a building. As soon as you see it, you get a feeling. We contribute to this positive feeling and start. We give the building a unique style that is not only unique, but also provides Western European standard in quality. The facade claddings we sell, manufacture or work on are of the elite brands in the world - it's no coincidence that our products are listed among the top brands across Europe.

Our diverse projects to date demonstrate that our business units, with the help of our colleagues and based on up-to-date knowledge, deliver the best possible solutions to our partners.

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Uncompromising execution defines our work, seeing our clients' problems as our own. We rely on our own resources for design, manufacturing and construction, and with 30 years of experience, we provide a consultative service to meet the highest customer demands, both in the domestic and international markets.


Assembly and installation of steel structure

Certificate for fulfilment of quality requirements for welding

Design, manufacture and installation of facade, shading and suspended ceiling systems; assembly and installation of steel stuctures; design, manufacture and installation of aluminium, steel and plastic windows and curtain walls

Design, manufacture, surface protection and sale of power plant, bridge and other metal structures, assembly of structures

ÉMI: Construction design

ÉMI: Installation of steel structures and other building structures and cladding

ÉMI: Manufacture of welded supports and inserts, steel structures

ÉMI: Preparation of conventional industrial corrosion protection paint coating systems (on surface cleaned steel substrates)

Fusion welding during the manufacturing, on-site assembling, refitting and repairing of welded structures

Load bearing steel structural components up to EXC4 according to EN 1090-2 (cutting - hoIing - forming, welding, corrosion protection, mounting)

Performance Durability Certificate: ADS 65NI SP product

Performance Durability Certificate: GEZE NRWG mit Schüco-Profilen

Performance Durability Certificate: Schüco ADS 80 FR 60 product

Performance Durability Certificate: Schüco ADS products

Performance Durability Certificate: Schüco RWA System Schüco AWS

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