The catalogue of KÉSZ Metaltech

We have good news. The latest catalogue of Kész Metaltech has been published. Although most people associate our company with steel structures, we have actually grown our portfolio. Our spectacular roof and facade cladding not only performs its function perfectly, but is also aesthetically pleasing. They are also of high quality and contribute to the modern urban landscape. What else can you find in our catalogue?  Descriptions and references of recent glass structures - curtain walls and portal structures. Let's not forget our products under the Greentech brand, which bring the future to our customers, as solar building construction solutions, green facade cladding are available from us.

Our range also includes concepts from our own domestic production and international strategic partnerships. Among our distributed products, the brands Zambelli, Keller Minimal Windows, GKD, EQUITONE and Fundermax are worth getting to know.

We also offer products for interior design or stairs, for example Metal-Art Stairs can be the jewel in the crown of public buildings, shopping centres, hotels, office buildings and villas.

However, if it is a custom-made steel facade, glass portals, which are so fashionable nowadays, or a composite, you can also trust us. We offer these solutions mainly for industrial buildings, public buildings, office buildings, sports facilities and condominiums.

Our catalogue is an exciting and impressive summary of our product portfolio with pictures of specific projects. You will also find examples of architectural applications of the solutions we offer. A wide range of references can provide inspiration for a project, and needless to say, if required, our colleagues can provide professional support in the design and implementation of your specific needs.

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